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How many times do we hear:
 "I only wish I had learnt to play the piano".
Well, now is the time and it's never too late!

Whether you are a beginner or someone wanting to play as a hobby,study for examinations purposes etc..Julia believes in offering a friendly atmosphere with lots of enthusiasm.

Leaning to play the piano can:
Improve memory skills.Uses both parts of the brain.
Improves co-ordination skills.
Reduces stress.
Gives self satisfaction and enjoyment playing for yourself and for others.

Eduardo Marturet - (Conductor and composer ) said "Participation in music can improve learning ability and memory by stimulating different patterns of brain development"
Something useful for all ages and abilities.

Lessons are planned for each individual to help them progress and develop at their own pace.

Julia uses: LCM - (London College of Music) and ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) Examination Boards and is proud of a 100% pass rate for over 20 years.

Examinations are not compulsory.

Contact Julia and see what you can achieve today.

For further information, or on how to book, please go to the Q&A Page.

I have always wanted to learn piano but thought I was too old. Julia has lots of patience and has given my so much confidence to learn the 

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