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As a training company we work with everyone who uses their voice. You may give presentations, teach, work in a call centre etc. Jobs that all demand good vocal performance and often repetitive use. We provide a variety of workshops on voice care, team building and courses for schools, colleges and corporate companies.

Using only qualified professionals who together have many years experience and knowledge on all subjects taught - you are assured both an enjoyable and learning experience.

So... Question Time...
1. Do you use your voice at work everyday?
2. Have you ever had any voice training?
3. Does your voice get tired, strained, sore or suffer from voice loss?
4. Do you lose your voice presence? (Sound fades when talking to groups)
5. Does your voice lack energy?
6. You don't feel confident using your voice?
If the answer is YES to any of the above, then we can help!

How to use the voice safely and with confidence. Very few people today in the customer service and corporate industry have ever had any sort of voice training. So we can understand why the voice fails, gets stressed and actually becomes damaged.
Professional actors and singers on the other hand are taught voice skills from the beginning as their jobs require vocal stamina, flexibility, sustainability and high demand. They have to manage silence, vocal dynamics and learning how to make the voice heard from small groups to large auditoriums.
Very few employers have ever given their staff any sort of vocal training. Therefore, we can give you the skills required to use the voice safely and effectively. This would include:
• How to maintain good vocal health
• Checking your posture
• Work on voice warms ups and exercises
• Breathing, resonance, and pitch
• Confidence building and presentation skills

This is a great way for everyone to have some fun and learn new skills. Through the day, we will work on a variety of musical numbers from your chosen shows. Popular choices are Grease, Mamma Mia, West Side Story etc. The choice is yours. We combine acting, singing and movement to create small scenes which everyone gets the chance to get involved in and have a laugh. At the end of the day, we'll have ourselves a mini musical!
This is also a good opportunity for companies to use these as charity fund raising projects and events. Of course, we can tailor make your own training day to include what you think as a company you need, to make sure your staff are capable of carrying out day to day voice work safely and confidently.

Useful for teachers, lecturers, professional voice users. As a Teacher/Lecturer, your voice is very important, it helps you to communicate with students, staff and colleagues when instructing, holding discussions, reading texts, presenting as well as class management.
Very few Teachers/Lecturers have ever had any sort of voice training - yet are expected to use their voice all day, everyday in a variety of situations, varying class sizes and changing environments. Research shows that over 7.5 million people will at one time or another, develop a voice problem. (Courtsey of BVA) This can be due to a number of reasons. For example, bad posture, limited breath flow, wrong use of vocal pitch, speaking to loud and shouting.
We can give you the skills you require as an In Service Training Day as part of your Continued Professional Development. Topics may include:
• How to maintain good vocal health
• Checking your posture
• Work on voice warms ups and exercises
• Breathing, resonance, and pitch
• Confidence building and presentation skills

Another option would be to use the above and add some of the team building day using Musical Theatre so you can learn how to use your voice safely and have fun at the same time!

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