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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer, Julia believes in offering a friendly atmosphere with lots of enthusiasm. She can help you to improve your technique, song repertoire, and of course build your confidence in a variety of ways.

Every student is treated as an individual and lessons are designed with your specific needs and wishes in mind. Some of Julia's students sing for enjoyment and others to improve their vocal quality and confidence.

Julia can enter students for examinations should they wish to, as well as work on audition pieces for productions or college auditions

A typical lesson may include:
1.Vocal Warm Up
2.Breathing Technique
3.Working & applying technique to repertoire
4.Advise on new repertoire
5.Performance Technique

For further information, or on how to book, please go to the Q&A Page.

"Holly really enjoys her singing lesson with Julia, they have improved her performance skills.

  Julia is a joy to work with, and Holly appreciates her advice and guidance".

As an adult beginning, Julia gave me confidence to really improve and enjoy my singing more.


I love my lessons and enjoying learning how to keep my voice safe and finding new and exciting songs.

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