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Do I have to book a lesson every week?

This is always a difficult one to answer. If you are really serious about learning and developing your skills, it is much better to have a weekly / fortnightly lesson - this creates good, regular practise and any problems can be rectified quickly.
Obviously, I am aware that adults in particular have jobs and homes to run and can find it difficult to find the time. So I do leave it up to the individuals to decide on how they can fit their other commitments around the wish to have lessons.

Do you take beginners?

Singing - as someone who has worked extensively with all ages I prefer to accept young students from the age of 8 years (younger students can be accepted having had a consultation lesson only exceptional circumstances). Adults are more than welcome. Everyone has to start somewhere and as long as you can commit to practising and developing your skills, this is fine. I recommend that all potential students book a consultation lesson first.

Piano - I usually take students from the age of 7. They must be fluent with counting and be able to read quiet well. Adults are more than welcome.

Private Lessons
Lessons can be 30 minutes, (this is ideal for younger students) 45 minutes or 1 hour depending on times available.
It is up to the students to provide their own music requirements, music, note pad etc.
A voice recorder (or similar devise ) is required by all singing students to record music for practise away from the session..

Fees are payable at the beginning of every lesson.
A full 48 hours notice must be given or the lesson fee will be charged for in full. Lessons can only be re-booked after any cancellation payment has been received.

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